Larry and Thunder

March 10th was a very sad day. It was the day that Larry finally admitted that our "big dog" with the big voice, Thunder, had to take that final trip to the vet for him to join our girls over the Rainbow Bridge. Larry wrote it better than I ever could:

"Thunder had really been going downhill over the past year (he was 12 last month), the sparkle had gone out of his eyes, and his eyes no longer "glowed in the dark" when he got excited. His back was really bothering him due to past injuries so he was getting pretty wobbly when he walked. The last couple of months, we had been going day to day as far as when it was time for him to go to the Bridge.

I loaded up my pockets with Marrow Bone dog treats which kept him busy chewing so that he didn't even notice when he got the injection. He is now with his "harem" of girl dogs that he worked with for many years. I'm sure that they were all at the Bridge to welcome him.

Thunder first certified in cadaver recovery in 2000 and recertified every year since. The reason that we started to do cadaver work was due to Thunder's attitude that he didn't like to play games with idiots and he would just as soon bite them so they would leave him alone. Unlike many dogs, when he fired up he wasn't bluffing and he would bite. He picked and chose who he would allow to pet him. With all the others, he preferred that they kept their hands to themselves.

The funny thing was that he never minded being around young children. When he was around them, they could do no wrong and there was never a growl or any other aggressive behavior even when they petted him, which he enjoyed.

He also worked as my partner when we did high value K-9 security work. One time we were at a check point while on a deployment. One of the workers could be heard say "Look at the size of that (expletive deleted) dog"!!!! At a solid 95 pounds, his size and demeanor always saved a lot of arguments. I could never wish for more in a partner for backup.

He also had an evil sense of humor. One of the two greatest joys in his life was when salesmen came to our front door and he could bark and spray them with slobber thru the screen door. The other was waiting quietly until a person had walked past his crate then he would fire up and make them jump. He always got a smile on his face when he was successful!!!!"

Alex and Larry will miss him a bunch, and now Alex has some very big paws to fill.

RIP Der Donnerollen Vom Century
And the thunder will roll on.