The end of an era...


Please bear with me on this, as it is with a heavy heart that I pass along family-related sad news. On June 1st Larry made the difficult decision to allow his beloved Tara to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

For those of you who were not familiar with Tara, in her almost 13 years, she had quite the varied and exciting life. She is the dog that started Larry on his career with search & rescue so many years ago (one of my favorite mental pictures is Larry in his pumpkin orange search team jumpsuit, with just-older-than-puppy Tara in her matching orange vest). Along the way, she earned her CGC & TT, passed her TDI certification and did therapy visits, got her CD, and (their proudest moment) Tara working her way through the levels to earn her Schutzhund III title.

Larry and Tara receiving Canine Good Citizen certificate

She was also "head puppy raiser" to the litters of little Leader Dog GSD puppies that Velvet had, and was in demand for local search & rescue demos (every year she made an appearance at the Campfire Boys & Girls camp). Larry logged a lot of miles with his soul mate Tara.

Tara had been staying with me that last week while Larry was assisting at a working dog seminar in Laredo, Texas. During that week, Tara became ill with canine vestibular syndrome (commonly known as "old dog's disease"). Our vet, Dr. Kevin Morris, did his best to help me keep my promise to Larry & Tara, "just help me keep her until he gets home." I shouldn't have worried. True to her German Shepherd heritage, Tara waited faithfully for Larry to come home before finally acknowledging how sick she really was.

Primo's Fire on the Wire, CGC, TDI, TT, CD, BH, WH, SchH I-II-III, search & rescue dog left the way she lived her life-with dignity, honor, and self-respect. We'll miss our Tara-bear.