Mandy and Mae in the beginning.

Mandy and Mae

Mae worked quite a change in Mandy's life. As a Junior handler with Mid-Michigan Working Dogs she brought her grades from C's to A's in order to stay on the team and be able to train and work Mae. They worked hard together for 2 years and then tragedy struck. Mae was striken with diffuse hemorrahagic Myelomalacia and died within hours.

Mandy and Mae were going to go to a Virginia Bloodhound Search and Rescue 6 day training together but now Mandy will go alone to continue her training to prepare for her next Bloodhound.

That Mandy is continuing in Search and Rescue and bringing another dog into her world is a tribute to Mae and how much Mae influnced Mandy and brought her into the world of tracking bloodhounds.

There are no words to make something like this easier, no words to make it go away, just the support of friends and team mates who care and the knowledge that the love of a good dog will always be there.

We will remember you Mae, think of you often and see you again when we cross the bridge. You gave Mandy so much and in return she gave you her love.